Friday, February 17, 2012

November 29, 2011 Thanksgiving

Well, Thanksgiving in the MTC was really cool. That week we heard from two apostles, Todd Christopherson and on Thanksgiving morning we got to hear from Russell M. Nelson. So that was pretty cool to hear. They were not as serious as they are in conference. In fact they were pretty funny.

After the devotional we got to eat Thanksgiving food. I ate a lot.. and it was good.. and then we got to do a service project where we put together 4,000 injury kits. They got sent to some small country in Africa I think but I do not remember what the name of the country was. Then we had a little program and got to watch Seventeen Miracles!! Yes!! and when we came outside when it was dark they had put up a whole bunch of Christmas lights before and they turned them on on Thanksgiving night.

I really liked it but I have been pretty homesick. I love the holidays around our house. One of my favorite things is holidays with family and friends. Two years seems like an eternity away from here. But then again I am already about half way through the MTC. Before ya know it I will be calling home from the Airport on my way to some country called... oh what was it.. oh that’s right Chile!! I think I will enjoy the field more than the MTC. I know the field will be just as challenging but in the mtc I get stir crazy all the time because I stare at the same brown buildings and sit in the same old classroom day after day. The MTC is a really great place but I will be glad to be a missionary in the real world. Spanish is coming along slowly. We are now to the point where we speak only Spanish if we know how to speak it. We always have to try in Spanish first. I hope I will learn this language.. I am more settled in here now but I am still feeling like I need to work harder and be a better missionary. I am going to try my best to do that.

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well. I hope we are all remembering what time of year it is and who we remember during this time. Nuestrtos Salvdor y Redentor JesuCristo. Well I must be off! Tell everyone you know to send me letters!!! I love you all!

-Elder Butterfield

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