Monday, May 13, 2013

May 11, 2013 & Mother's Day

Well, I will save most of the stories for tomorrow and I think I will be calling around eight our time tomorrow. This last week was more traveling and is has been really cool to see old companions and get to know the misión. We have 19 new missionaries and we had to fill a couple of brand new houses which is a lot of work. This week we should finish all the traveling I think. Then back to a more normal schedule. We have not been able to work in our sector but we have been working really hard so it’s been good.

Today we went to a park by a lagoon and ate food and played frisbee and that was about it! Another pday we went to a mine and went under the mine and the tour guide was soooo lame! The only thing he told us about the mine was how the children were left to die when the deathly gases came.. awkward... and then he was like ok now ask me some questions!!! Go on I know your dying to ask em!! Nobody said anything so I asked kind of a stupid question.. how many people died here?? And he looked at me with a creepy face and said thousands.. It was creepy. He also told us you don’t need a plaque to be a good preacher. So our pdays are more interesting because we have a car. Anyway not much happened and I will be talking to you guys tomorrow!! Have a good night!

Things Elder Butterfield told us about when we talked on Skype:

One of the first things he asked us to do was to have all the mothers gather around so he could see us all at once – so that was his mom, his grandma, and his sister, Allie.  Then he told us about a new Church video called “To Every Mother”. He said that for missionaries when there is a new church video it’s kind of like a movie premiere. J  This video was made in conjunction with several different faith groups. He told us that he was really grateful for all of us and that when you are on a mission you really come to appreciate moms a lot more.  The end of the video says that “Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a Mother.”

The kind of food he misses most is a good barbecue – like good American hamburgers and hot dogs.

He told us more about the mine.  He said that they thought it was going to be a cool tour and they could learn about the mine.  The guide didn’t say anything about the mine – only that they would chain children up and when the children smelled the gases they would yell at the workers and the workers would run out and leave the children behind. So sad…  The missionaries weren't happy that they spent $10 to go there.

One day when they were traveling to areas in the mission, they got pulled over for speeding and one of the police officers was really grumpy and didn’t like his American driver’s license but the other officer said, “Are you Elders?  I used to play basketball with you guys.  Let’s just give them a warning.”

He told us more about Francisco.  He said that Francisco had a job where he worked every Sunday and so he couldn’t come to church. They thought that he wasn’t going to be able to be baptized.  But, then one day he called them and told them that he got a new job and he would have Sundays off and also be home with his family every night. So he was able to get baptized.

When he was teaching Lupe, they invited her to come to church.  They got to the church early and a man with two really mangy dogs went into the church (I think he said that he cleans the church) and the dogs followed him and right before Lupe got there they noticed a big puddle where one of the dogs had peed. They were really worried that Lupe would see it.

President Martinez told Nate that he could picture him someday sealed to his wife with seven or eight kids. J

In the office he helps a senior sister named Sister Benson a lot.  She speaks very little Spanish and he helps her translate things and make phone calls, etc. Also, he prepares and translates (into English) the new missionary recommendations and then sends them to Salt Lake.  He also helps wherever he is needed.

His scheduled date to come home is October 22nd but there is a possibility that he will stay a little longer.

May 4, 2013, Mission Office, Concepcion

Well this week has been a week to get to know the mission. We have to travel to all the houses in the mission to prepare them for the now transfer. So we go by to see if the house needs anything else, we drop off beds, heaters, blankets etc. And we inspect the houses to see if they are clean or not and if not bye bye p-day. So basically people hate us sometimes but It is president who tells us to do it. 

I have had a fever for the last two days and today I feel a little bit better. I need to get better today because this next week we have so much to do for the new missionaries that are coming into the field! There are about 19 coming this next transfer. So I have been doing really well, trying to take advantage of the times when its slow to study! I love to study as you know and actually when I got to the mission I was sad because I got less time to study than I did at home but sometimes in the office when I finish my work and the others are not finished yet and do not need help I study yay! But this week nothing really happened just lots and lots of driving. I am going to start bringing my camera to take pictures of the different places I go! I love you all!