Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24, 2013 Loncoche

Well, here in Loncoche we got together and just hit the streets. Elder Flitton is a hardworking and awesome guy. I love him a ton and he is from Utah! Our first day we worked really hard the whole day and nothing happened until about seven. So the first miracle was when we got lost and decided to knock some doors until another lesson. So we knocked a door and a man came out. And before we could say hola he just said come in. So I figured it was an old investigator or less active. I asked him if he knew who the missionaries were and he said no. I asked him why he let us in and he said I felt the need to listen. So we shared a lesson and him and his wife, Ramey, and they loved it and are very excited to keep listening.

Then after that we went to a lesson with a member. The member told us that this lady named Nancy had lost her husband in November and they are very poor. The husband did not have a leg so it was hard for him to work a lot. So Nancy goes and works all day and her daughter who is 15 left school to work in the house with the food and everything. So we started to teach a little about the plan of salvation and my companion shared a scripture about the resurrection and that our bodies will be completely restored in the end. And Nancy got really excited and told us about an experience she had had with her family. Recently, after the passing of her husband, she and all her family saw him in his spirit form walking with a big smile on his face and he walked out the door.  So the scripture had a huge impact on her. Then she asked about where our church was and she was soo excited. Sadly, her son found out she was listening to us and he is paying the rent for their house and he threatened to stop paying his mother’s rent if she listened to us. So that was very heart breaking. Satan just loves to stir the hearts of the people. He did it in Christ’s time. He did in the restoration and he does it now. Lame…

But another cool thing. We have an investigator named Vanessa. She is the mom of a special needs kid named Martin and she wants to be baptized but she was afraid to go to church because of her son making too much noise. So we went by and shared a scripture that says Christ invites everyone on this planet to come and see. So she came to church. It was amazing! She loved it! I have never seen someone learn so fast from the spirit. She will listen to the basic doctrine of something we teach and then she will expound on it deeply and know stuff that only the spirit could have taught her. She truly blows our minds every time she testifies. So she is getting baptized in July.

We have another person who will be getting baptized as well. We have about ten other people that are really close to being baptized. They just need to come to church. It’s hard here cause if it’s cold outside the world stops. Loncoche is a branch with about 30 people that come and it’s the smallest sector I have had and I truly love it! Pray for our people. We want twelve people baptized this month! It’s a big goal but we have the people to do it. I love you all!

Friday, June 21, 2013

June 17, 2013 Leaving for Loncoche

So, tomorrow I am going to the most southern place in the mission, Loncoche. I will live with Elder Moss and my companion is Elder Flitton. When I first saw him he seemed familiar. We think we were at the same EFY in Taylorsville.

That's great you were able to go to Xander's baptism. I loved the pictures. I can't believe how grown up the kids are.  Layna and the whole family look great!

Dad, Happy Father's Day!  I was thinking about you a lot yesterday and I am very thankful. I am grateful to have a dad. Many people don’t have them or they are difficult. You are a strong person and you serve others. I hope I can follow your example and be able to help many people just like you. Thanks for all the help and awesome times we have had. I was remembering our trips to Arizona and Boston and the John Mayer concert and all the BYU football games!!! We had good times!! I'm excited to do stuff like that with you again! I love you and I hope you had a great Father's Day!

I will have more to write about next week. I love you and thank you for all you do to help me!

 Volcano one hour away from Loncoche

River running through the middle of Loncoche

June 10, 2013 Boca Sur

Well I have had some updates that are interesting. I am now out of the office and am in a sector called Boca Sur. It’s a really gangster place and people get shot a lot but I am only there for this week and then at transfers I am going all the way to the south! It looks like I am going to Loncoche which is the most southern sector where it is the coldest and it rains every day in winter and guess what? Its winter!! I am way excited to go there. I have never been in the south of my mission and I am going waaayy south! So I am very excited and also Elder Moss (Nate’s first companion from the MTC) lives in that sector which means if they do not transfer him I will be living with him which would be way sweet! So I am really excited this week.

Our mission is doing a new thing where in the small sectors the ward can give callings to Elders. So I might get a calling as well. Also, in a house of four Elders 2 only work with less actives and the other two only with investigators. I am going to be working with only investigators so I am really excited to find lots of people to baptize! So that is the big update!

Oh and one funny story. In the chapel this Sunday a dog ran in and barked and we had to chase it out. So we had one dog in church this Sunday.

Thanks for all you do. I give thanks every night in my prayers that you are my mom and dad! I love ya and hope you have a good week.

May 25, 2013 Concepcion (Mission Office)

(Early in the day)
Hey I am going to write more later but we as the office have a request or more of a plead… In the office we have permission to watch movies from Netflix that are Disney. And I remember that in our house we had an account. Soo if you could send the username and the password which I will only keep so we could watch a cute movie on this rainy lame day. We would all be very happy!!

(Ten minutes later…)

(Later that day)

This last week was kind of slow. I am getting put into a new position in the office now. I am going to be the guy in charge of all the houses and making sure all the missionaries have everything that they need. So when they need stuff I go travel and get it to them. I am also in charge of making sure their houses are clean. If they are not we take away their p-day so that’s kind of funny. I am kind of scared to do it cause there is a lot of stuff that I have to do but it will be good. But other than that it has been really slow.  I will probably get a new companion soon as well so that will be fun as well. I will let you guys know more when I start working in that. I am glad that you are doing really good!

May 18, 2013 Concepcion (Mission Office)

Not much news this week.  President told me that I am going to take one of the spots of the other elders in the office. I think I am going to be the mission historian. I have been learning to record all of the mission records and I am in charge of the cell phones and lots of other stuff. We are not sure what position I will take but it seems like it will be that one.  But other than that not much else has happened. I love you all and it was great to see everyone last week!