Friday, June 21, 2013

May 25, 2013 Concepcion (Mission Office)

(Early in the day)
Hey I am going to write more later but we as the office have a request or more of a plead… In the office we have permission to watch movies from Netflix that are Disney. And I remember that in our house we had an account. Soo if you could send the username and the password which I will only keep so we could watch a cute movie on this rainy lame day. We would all be very happy!!

(Ten minutes later…)

(Later that day)

This last week was kind of slow. I am getting put into a new position in the office now. I am going to be the guy in charge of all the houses and making sure all the missionaries have everything that they need. So when they need stuff I go travel and get it to them. I am also in charge of making sure their houses are clean. If they are not we take away their p-day so that’s kind of funny. I am kind of scared to do it cause there is a lot of stuff that I have to do but it will be good. But other than that it has been really slow.  I will probably get a new companion soon as well so that will be fun as well. I will let you guys know more when I start working in that. I am glad that you are doing really good!

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