Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 6, 2012 Talcahuano

Hey Dad thanks for the update and I will let you know when I get the package. This week not much news just working and my companions are awesome. Elder Koller is from my group so we are buzzing about how we are nearing a year in the mission. I can’t believe it and I have heard the second year is worse – goes even faster... It makes us want to work all the harder because this time is soooo short. But we are good. I made a goal to study the whole Bible by the end of my mission. And to write in my journal more cause I suck at that....
But I am really happy with this sector. I love the people that we are teaching. And the family Medel is soo good. I love seeing them get excited about being together forever.

This week I want to tell you guys how grateful I am for you, my family. There is a guy named Niko Torrez and he returned from his mission recently. When he left all his family were members and his dad was the bishop even. Well his parents stopped writing him and when he got back he found out that they all went inactive and had their names removed from the church - his whole family and they didn’t even tell him. Well he is as strong as ever in his testimony and is a true example of someone who has a testimony. He works with us a lot and is incredible and I learn from his strong example. I can’t imagine that so thank you that you all have strong testimonies cause without your support I couldn’t do this!! I am soo excited to come home to a family in the gospel. I love you family and friends who have helped me out. I love you all!!!

July 30, 2012 Talcahuano

Hey mom I got the box today finally and so I am pretty happy. And a lot less candy hearts.. haha.
But this last week has been really great!! We have taught a whole lot and we could end up baptizing my first family this month!! They are the Medel family; a family of four with a little girl of nine years old. Her name is Josepha. She is soo cute and loves the gospel and always asks her mom when she will get married so they can get baptized together. Its soo cute!!! and they all have desires to be baptized but we have to take care of some things before but we are working hard with them. So that’s awesome and we are teaching so many people!!!

My new comp is incredible and I just love working with him. Also cambios just happened and now we are in a trio!! Our new comp is Elder Koller actually!! He came with me to Chile so we have the same time. And his last name is the same as my best buddy!! So that’s cool too! We are excited to have three missionaries because now we can do divisions with youth in the ward and get a lot more done. And it gets better!! They changed the elders in my district and now I am the district leader over Elder Moss!!! MY comp from the mtc!! We are soo excited because as a district leader you have to go work in the other sectors so I will get to work hard with him in the field!! We are just bursting with excitement for this next cambio.
I am soo happy here and it looks like I will be in this sector for a long time. So for the national holiday here I will be in this sector. Also its interesting my sector is where the tsunami hit really hard and killed people and it’s really interesting to walk and teach people who lived through it. I literally work where the tsunami hit. It’s very interesting. There are still some broken buildings and everything.


I am really happy and hopefully we can baptize six people this month! Pray for that!! Thank you all and Allie pop out Lily. I want to see her!!!!