Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19,2012 Lebu

So this week was pretty good. We are trying to find more investigators and we have been working with getting plans for the ward. There is a huge problem here with members not working with the missionaries and nobody works with anything. They just kind of have their families and not really anyone else. So me and Elder Corliss wrote a plan about how we can work with members more involving numbers and goals for the year. We sent it to President Martinez and we had a big meeting with everyone in the ward and it was amazing. We talked a little bit about it but then the branch took over and started working together and it was really cool to see them start working together making goals and we are going to see changes in the mission. 

We are always trying to find people as missionaries because we don’t get anything from the members but now we are going to work together with the members and change the mission when we do so. The members are what keep converts in the church and I am really excited to work with the members now. It feels like you’re alone when you’re just trying to find the entire time but when you’re working with the members, that’s when the work gets fun. You see people change within the city and the branch and the unity of all the saints comes together. 

We are teaching them about the importance of helping their brothers and sisters get on the path to eternal life because in the end like it says in Moses 1:39 our goal is immortality and eternal life. And that is our purpose as members is to make sure we and our families are on the same path and then to help others get on in. So we have been busy trying to help the ward so we can see more success in the mission. 

I can’t believe I almost have a half year of my mission done. I know it is not a whole lot but still one more month and I have 6 months in the mission. It is already flying by and I am a new missionary. But on Sunday I figure out who my new companion is. I can’t stand to think that Elder Corliss is going away. He is such an amazing missionary. He has taught me soo much and has led by example and has shown me not just how to be a missionary but rather to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. That is my goal and I am working hard to get it. I hope all is well with everyone I love you all and I am soo happy to have your prayers and support!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012 Lebu

This last week was very hard but I am ok. I am fighting. We had a cool activity on the beach today with my zone. That was really, really fun. There is another elder that lives with me from Oregon named Elder Clark. Me and him have been writing some songs about pioneers and we played them today. We played beach volleyball and did a spiritual activity and with food of course!! 

I am really happy here. It’s crazy that in two weeks I am not a new kid... I mean Elder Corliss is leaving and I am going to get a new companion which actually freaks me out... I am scared about that. But I love him and help him in any way I can. 

I am glad to hear everything is good there. I hope Rachael’s birthday went well. Sorry this is not a long email. This last week was tough but that’s how it is in life. I am still very happy. Some of our investigators have had some really bad things happen recently like spouses cheating and leaving them and it just hurts. It really is a wicked world.

I am really glad that Caleb is going to ALA. He is a really good kid. I really enjoyed being with him and Bob at the lake that one time. It was a great time. And keep up the good work with the kettle bells!! You’re gonna be buff mama!! hahahahahaha sorry, I’m still as weird as I used to be. Hey in two more months I will have been gone from home for half a year!!! ah!!!!!!! weird.

I am going to send pictures one of these days, I promise. I don’t look the same at all. My shirts don’t fit and my pants are getting huge haha. But that’s a good thing. I am going to keep running in the morning to keep up with you! You’re crazy!! Tell Dad and Rachael that I love them a ton. I hope they are doing well. I miss Rachael and her dog... ya I said it her dog too… tell her hi for me and thanks for the Elder Johnson thing (an autograph from the actor who plays Elder Johnson in the movie "The Best Two Years" written to Nate). It’s very cool especially when I make other missionaries jealous!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012 Lebu

“Hey family! I am doing pretty good but last week was hard!! Sometimes missionary work can really push you to the limit but I have learned to keep going to the last minute because sometimes the Lord has a blessing waiting for you at the last second and you have to work all the way to the end of the night even if you want to just go home.

Yesterday was like that. We were fasting and everything was falling through and we had to keep going. By eight thirty we were done but we kept going anyway and we found a lady named Carolina and she was so receptive and said that she is about to separate from her boyfriend. Recently she almost got baptized in an evangelical church but she decided not to. How cool!! She is very nice and that just shows you that in life the Lord will let you get to the breaking point and we either decide to take that next step and he pours out the blessings or we don’t and we get so close but give up.

Keep going when the times get hard!! It is worth it!! I hope all is well with everyone I miss all of you so much! But that is pretty much all to report!! Love ya all!!”

The next part is Nate answering the letter I sent him. I asked him if he got two cards I sent him – one with a tired looking dog on the front and the other one with a picture of a box on the front and then when you open it up there is a mom popping out of the box.  Inside it says, “I tried to send you a box but they said it was too heavy so I got out and sent this card instead.”

“Hey Mom, I heard about Jessie going to nationals. I am soooo happy she is being blessed for the person she is! She sounds soo happy. I am so glad to hear that!!
And keep flippin those bells!! woooo buff mamma!!! ¡ahi estamos! Tell Dad I love him!!
Oh, I loved the card. Haha that dog is actually how I look some days after a long day of work haha. And the card with the box – hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha - that was the best. Me and my comp were laughing so hard… and we are kind of scared you might show up in the mission office... in a refrigerator box or something.. haha

I’m tired!! And you’re awesome. Thanks for helping me get here. I will be forever thankful to you and Dad and our family!!”