Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 25, 2012 Los Angeles

My new companion is a good guy. I am trying to help him in any way that I can. He works good and we are working with his teaching. It’s very different to have a Latin as a comp. I can’t express myself completely but it’s really good too.

In my district I only have sisters. So when I came to the mission field in my first district, my trainer was the district leader and we only had two sisters in our district. Well now it’s the same for me and one of the sisters in my district is the same one that was in my first one when I came. So we think that is pretty funny. We are finding a lot of people to teach but they are slowly progressing. 

We had one miracle on Sunday though that was really cool. So here we teach the gospel principles class and so we went there and the only two people that were there were one recent convert who is like 17 years old and her friend who is not a member. Well no one else showed up which is very weird. We usually have like 8. So I was like well let’s teach this girl about the restoration. So we taught her and she had very specific questions about religion and they all applied to the lesson. So at the end we began to tell her how she could know for herself that Joseph Smith was a prophet and she interrupted me and said actually I think I know.. I feel like he was a prophet and that this is true. And I said well let’s find out and we all kneeled - me and my comp, the girls, and our ward mission leader and she asked if he was a prophet. Well after the prayer she was beaming and she has found what she has been looking for.  So we are hopefully going to baptize her really fast. And hopefully we can teach her family or at least they can give her permission to do it. But my comp has six months in the mission and no baptisms so I hope we find someone. I think she will get baptized. So that was the miracle of the week. 

I am doing pretty good. Sometimes I really miss home but I can make it… I love you all. Have a good week.

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012 Los Angeles

Hello dad. Happy Father’s day!!  I hope it was a good one!! I am grateful to you and your good example to me over the years!! I now know how to treat my future family and be a good husband and father. Thank you for working so hard for our family!!!
Well this transfer will be interesting. I am staying here in Los Angeles and Elder Craven is leaving which is pretty sad cause we are really good friends. But I am getting my first Latin companion from Guatemala!!!! Where Luke served his mission!!! And I have also been called as a district leader which was very out of the blue and shocking. So that was some crazy news.


And Mom we are changing houses so we don’t get shot or anything. But the cool thing is that right after we prayed together in the house they left and we have not seen them since.
So right now I am trying to teach and get people ready. We have one family that could get baptized this cambio I will tell you more about that if anything happens. But I am pretty good just nervous about this next cambio and everything but it will be great. I hope everything is good down there. Sorry there is not much to report!

Mom,  Thank you for the shoes they are a miracle!!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Saving a girl from a knife attack! June 11, 2012

Los Angeles is a cool city with a mall. So we eat there sometimes and we play soccer a lot, and watch movies sometimes. So it is fun.

I am doing pretty good this week. But it was crazy. One cool thing is that me and my comp have been contacting this really rich sector with mansions and we found an exchange student from Philly. So we taught her in English and she is really excited. We have another lesson with her tonight. And the house that she is living in is sooooo huge. It’s legit.

We are teaching a lot of new families now and it’s really cool. We got a reference from member with a family of five that all seem interested and could get baptized really soon. So hopefully something awesome happens with that!!

Also not to freak anyone out but on Saturday night me and my comp went to get something to eat and when we left the little market we saw this girl standing by herself and we walked past her and then we both turned around at the same time and four men surrounded her with knives and she was trying to get away. So I yelled at them to keep going and to leave her alone. So they looked at me and she ran off and then one asked us what did you say to me and attacked us with his knife he almost cut mebut I got away and then he chased my companion down the street and the three after me. Well we got away and met up back at the house and they were outside yelling at us to come out. And a neighbor told us that one of them had a gun too. So we are moving houses to a different part where there are cops patrolling all the time. Nothing happened but woo it was intense!! I am glad nothing happened.

So that was my week. I hope all is well there. I am just trying to do better and work hard.