Tuesday, October 15, 2013

october 15, 2013 Final Interview with President

Well we could not write yesterday because of so much stuff that we had to do. In the morning we had our last interview with President. It was strange... it was really great though. 

Then Elder Moss and I went to meet up with Lupe and her family to say goodbye. We played with her kids in the park and took lots of pictures. The coolest part was when we asked the police with horses if we could take a picture close to them but instead he said just get on!! So I mounted a horse for a picture! That’s the first time I have been on a horse in my life. Then we said goodbye and it was pretty sad. I think that was the first moment I really felt that it is ending. 

Then we went to President’s house for dinner and we all had to tell an embarrassing moment from our missions so I told the time when I was teaching a recent convert and I told her how much her decision was going to bless her son; That he one day could also be a missionary like us and she looked at me weird and said, Elder that’s my daughter... That was very embarrassing. Then we had a last testimony meeting with our group and it was really great. 

Now I am going to go back to Loncoche for my last week and next Monday I travel up here again and then Tuesday we are going to the temple in Santiago. So that is really all that’s happened this week. I am really excited to see everyone there!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013 Loncoche

Conference was very good. There were some great talks. I liked that Elder Holland spoke about helping people with emotional disorders. That was a really good talk. I loved President Uchtdorf’s as well. I think everyone did. This week we still could not find many people to teach. It wasn’t terrible but I have had better weeks. 

Today I am in Concepciòn with my companion for a conference then we are going back to Loncoche. I bought everyone in the family something made by the Indians called mapuches here. So get excited! I tried my best to get something that everyone would like. I do not have much more time but I am feeling really good and excited to return. I am going to say goodbye to my converts next week which will be sad but I am very excited to get back and see all of you as well. 

I am very grateful for this experience and the things I could learn and things I could learn to be better at. I love you all and hope you are doing great – every one of you.