Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013 Lomas Coloradas

Good news! Francisco asked me to baptize him. It will be on Thursday. Elder Hess is leaving Lomas and I will be with a Mexican named Elder Barrera. I lived with him for two cambios so I already know that he is cool!! So I am excited for that. I really miss you guys.

March 18, 2013 Lomas Coloradas

Well this week has been pretty good. We are going move in to our new house this week and then the next week we have transfers and the new missionaries will get here. So I think they are going to split up me and Elder Hess and we will get new companions here. So that will be interesting.

And the husband of our convert Angelica said that he received an answer and is going to get baptized. So we are really excited for that. It will be our last baptism before transfers.

We went running last Saturday with him in the forest. It was really fun. But the rest of the week was kind of hard. We didn’t find very many people to teach but it will be easier when we have six missionaries. So the sector will be divided in three parts so we can just focus on one part because right now one day we work in one sector and find some
good people but that week we never get the chance to go back because we are working in another part of our sector. Our sector is really, really long and spread out so it’s impossible with just two. So we are really excited for the others to arrive.

And honestly nothing else happened this week. We worked hard but nothing crazy happened. I am excited for this next conference to come! and then the next conference
will be like a week or two before I end my mission. Time goes by really fast. I hope these last months turn out good.

Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11, 2013 Lomas Coloradas

Well this week was kind of hard... we couldn’t find anyone to teach but we did find a whole bunch of in-actives and we are starting to help them out. And some crazy stuff is going to happen this next cambio. In my sector Lomas Coloradas we are going to get two more Elders and two sisters just in our ward. That’s how many missionaries we are going to have. The number of missionaries is going from two hundred to about 260 at the end of March. So we are just going to have tons of missionaries running around Chile!! It’s going to be really cool.

My toe is better - just kind of gross looking...
Oh, and we are going to change our house! so that we can live together as four missionaries and it is close to the beach! So I think we will go running to the beach some days.

So it’s been hard but I am really happy and am very thankful for the atonement. I am so imperfect and it really shows when you’re trying to follow the example of Christ. But I am determined in these last 8 months to really let the Lord change me. And try to help as many people as I can.
And other good news! We ran into Sebastian who was that kid who likes mountain biking and has three sisters! He was wondering why we haven’t passed by… stupid foot... and we have another appointment with him. I love him a lot and he really liked church this last week. I really think this family will get baptized. Pray for the familia Alarcon!!! I love you all!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013 Lomas Coloradas

Well not much has happened in two days.. We had a conference for this part of Chile and it was watching the prophet and an apostle have talks from Salt Lake. So that was cool on Sunday and now we are about to go work. So sorry.. nothing else to say this week. Just wish us luck. I hope all is going well with the family!! And that’s a funny cat story.. We have a cat story too... I will have to tell you sometime...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 1, 2013 Lomas Coloradas

Hey, sorry that I did not write on Monday. We had an activity as a mission today so we didn’t have p-day on Monday. So we just got back from the activity. We played games and sports and I got to see my old companions.  I played football. It’s been over a year since I have played it was fun! Then at the end we had a talent show. Me and another Elder played guitar and sang a cool version of Brightly Beams our Father’s Mercy. And now we are here.

They took out my stitches and now I am back to walking good. Our convert Angelica and her son are really happy and now her husband Francisco will be getting baptized at the end of this month and basically we are trying to find our old people so we can teach them again.
I am happy to be able to walk. It was really hard to sit for almost two weeks. Anyway, that’s really about all that happened. I hope you’re all well and happy!

February 18, 2013 Toe Surgery!

Well it was the best of birthdays and the worst of birthdays.. They put my surgery on my birthday!!! So I will tell you all about it! So they had to give me those stupid big anesthetic shots! So they gave me two and it hurt sooo bad.  And then he grabbed some spiky tweezer things and jabbed at it to see if it was working.. well it was not working... so then he had to give me a third shot right in the infected part...that was painful. Then I watched him proceed to cut my toe nail off and cut the inflamed skin as well. Don’t worry my companion filmed the whole thing on his camera. The doctor is cool so he did a good job. Now I have to wait till the 25th to take out the metal wires he stuck in there and to make sure there is nothing else that he needs to do to me. Soo lots of studying! It sucks not being able to work.. but at least my toe won’t be huge anymore!

And the only good thing is that Angelica will get baptized on Saturday so that’s cool beans! And thanks for the gifts. I was in the hospital when I opened them.  It was funny when I opened the cup. I loved the baseball and the gators shirt! Go gators! And I did get my cd I just forgot to tell you... anyway hope you’re all good. See ya!