Saturday, March 2, 2013

February 18, 2013 Toe Surgery!

Well it was the best of birthdays and the worst of birthdays.. They put my surgery on my birthday!!! So I will tell you all about it! So they had to give me those stupid big anesthetic shots! So they gave me two and it hurt sooo bad.  And then he grabbed some spiky tweezer things and jabbed at it to see if it was working.. well it was not working... so then he had to give me a third shot right in the infected part...that was painful. Then I watched him proceed to cut my toe nail off and cut the inflamed skin as well. Don’t worry my companion filmed the whole thing on his camera. The doctor is cool so he did a good job. Now I have to wait till the 25th to take out the metal wires he stuck in there and to make sure there is nothing else that he needs to do to me. Soo lots of studying! It sucks not being able to work.. but at least my toe won’t be huge anymore!

And the only good thing is that Angelica will get baptized on Saturday so that’s cool beans! And thanks for the gifts. I was in the hospital when I opened them.  It was funny when I opened the cup. I loved the baseball and the gators shirt! Go gators! And I did get my cd I just forgot to tell you... anyway hope you’re all good. See ya!

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