Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012 Los Angeles

Hello dad. Happy Father’s day!!  I hope it was a good one!! I am grateful to you and your good example to me over the years!! I now know how to treat my future family and be a good husband and father. Thank you for working so hard for our family!!!
Well this transfer will be interesting. I am staying here in Los Angeles and Elder Craven is leaving which is pretty sad cause we are really good friends. But I am getting my first Latin companion from Guatemala!!!! Where Luke served his mission!!! And I have also been called as a district leader which was very out of the blue and shocking. So that was some crazy news.


And Mom we are changing houses so we don’t get shot or anything. But the cool thing is that right after we prayed together in the house they left and we have not seen them since.
So right now I am trying to teach and get people ready. We have one family that could get baptized this cambio I will tell you more about that if anything happens. But I am pretty good just nervous about this next cambio and everything but it will be great. I hope everything is good down there. Sorry there is not much to report!

Mom,  Thank you for the shoes they are a miracle!!!!

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