Friday, June 21, 2013

June 10, 2013 Boca Sur

Well I have had some updates that are interesting. I am now out of the office and am in a sector called Boca Sur. It’s a really gangster place and people get shot a lot but I am only there for this week and then at transfers I am going all the way to the south! It looks like I am going to Loncoche which is the most southern sector where it is the coldest and it rains every day in winter and guess what? Its winter!! I am way excited to go there. I have never been in the south of my mission and I am going waaayy south! So I am very excited and also Elder Moss (Nate’s first companion from the MTC) lives in that sector which means if they do not transfer him I will be living with him which would be way sweet! So I am really excited this week.

Our mission is doing a new thing where in the small sectors the ward can give callings to Elders. So I might get a calling as well. Also, in a house of four Elders 2 only work with less actives and the other two only with investigators. I am going to be working with only investigators so I am really excited to find lots of people to baptize! So that is the big update!

Oh and one funny story. In the chapel this Sunday a dog ran in and barked and we had to chase it out. So we had one dog in church this Sunday.

Thanks for all you do. I give thanks every night in my prayers that you are my mom and dad! I love ya and hope you have a good week.

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