Monday, May 13, 2013

May 4, 2013, Mission Office, Concepcion

Well this week has been a week to get to know the mission. We have to travel to all the houses in the mission to prepare them for the now transfer. So we go by to see if the house needs anything else, we drop off beds, heaters, blankets etc. And we inspect the houses to see if they are clean or not and if not bye bye p-day. So basically people hate us sometimes but It is president who tells us to do it. 

I have had a fever for the last two days and today I feel a little bit better. I need to get better today because this next week we have so much to do for the new missionaries that are coming into the field! There are about 19 coming this next transfer. So I have been doing really well, trying to take advantage of the times when its slow to study! I love to study as you know and actually when I got to the mission I was sad because I got less time to study than I did at home but sometimes in the office when I finish my work and the others are not finished yet and do not need help I study yay! But this week nothing really happened just lots and lots of driving. I am going to start bringing my camera to take pictures of the different places I go! I love you all!

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