Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 27, 2013 Mission Office, Concepcion

Hey family this week has been pretty good. I got to know the south of the mission which I have never had the chance to do.  We had to take some stuff to the missionaries down there. It is really pretty and I think after my time here in the office I will finish down there. This week we have had more time to work in our sector and we haven’t really found anybody yet but last night we had a really cool experience.

Me and Elder Walton got back from Temuco, a city in our mission, and our district leader and his companion were with my other comp Elder Jorqera. We had a family home evening planned with an inactive family and some non-members and there was going to be food... so naturally all three of us wanted to go but we had the other two elders so it did not make sense for all five to go so I decided to sacrifice and go out to work with an Elder named Elder Arredondo. We left and he asked me if I knew a member that lived close and no one came to mind so we started to knock a door and then a family came into my mind and the house happened to be right around the corner. We went in and there were two women that were visiting, one from Santiago and the other lives in Germany. It was the mom and sister of the member. Their names were both Margarita and we took advantage to share a short message. It turns out they both have suffered death in the family and were asking God for guidance but felt that he did not answer their prayers. And they were very surprised that we showed up right when they got home and the last night that they are visiting here. They left this morning. Now they are both very excited to talk to the missionaries from where they live. They may not live in our sector and we may not see them get baptized but honestly the message is what is important not the messenger. And I know that is what God wanted us to do last night. Even though I missed out on lemon pie I followed the prompting to work in the cold instead and it turns out that’s exactly what God needed us to do.

I have a testimony that sometimes we would rather be doing something else when God calls us to help someone in need. These ladies where in dire need to feel that they have a loving Heavenly Father who is aware of them, and that’s why he sent us.  What would have happened if I had decided to just stay at the family home evening? I am glad we went with the spirit. So that was a really cool experience from last night.  Now I know that God prepares ways for us to help people every day. Anyway I hope all is well with everyone. I love you all!

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