Saturday, April 13, 2013

April 13, 2013 Mission Office, Concepcion

So this week was interesting. I was just working like normal on Wednesday and I get a call from President saying he needs me in the office as a free agent basically. I help everyone in the office. It’s really different working in here but I love it!

It’s cool cause you get to travel around the mission sometimes and I am learning how to do different things. I am really tired but it’s going well. I am working with APs and with the finance Elder and the secretary and everyone in the office. So I am trying to get used to that. So that’s really it for this week. I will be letting you know cool things that happen I guess. It’s hard to know what to write when you are an office Elder but I will be creative...

(Nate's mom, dad, and sister, Jessie, had lunch today with Nate's first companion, Elder Corliss (Andrew).  It was sooo fun to meet him.  He kept telling us how grateful he was for Nate and what a great missionary he is and how he loves the people and works so hard, even when he was a new missionary.  Andrew is awesome too.  We are so grateful he was Nate's trainer.  He was really a blessing to Nate and is still a great friend.  We were with him when Nate emailed so that was fun to tell him that Elder Corliss was sitting there with us.)

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