Thursday, April 11, 2013

April 1, 2013 Lomas Coloradas

Wow Mom!! I am really glad you are ok. Please don’t do anything crazy until I get back at least.

So the baptism went really well. Francisco was really happy and his family as well. It was funny because we went with him to the baptism and there was a lot of traffic. So he just went on the side of the road in this bumpy dirt road and we were very close to the other cars.. soo to be baptized we did something illegal and we only almost crashed twice. In Chile driving is like an extreme sport. I have crashed in the buses before.. It’s like normal now – like earthquakes.
So it was a pretty good week. But it’s also really hard because we divided our sector and the sector we are in does not have any people really so it’s kind of difficult but it’s ok. My new companion is really great so that’s always good. And we are still trying to organize our house it is still a little messy.. but it’s coming along... it’s hard to organize a house when you’re never there. So that’s basically our week. Oh and Francisco says hi!!

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