Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday! - February 13, 2012

Hello family!

I am twenty today. Kind of weird… I am in Concepciòn today and we are just kind of hanging out around here. So we just had cambios (transfers) and me and Elder Corliss are staying in Lebu and we have two more missionaries coming into the sector because it is growing. 

This last week has been pretty good! We are finding new people to baptize and have really been blessed.

We had another big tremor. It was really strong and lasted for like five seconds. In February there is a lot of
little tremors. It’s kinda crazy. So we have a new investigator named Luzgarda. She was a reference from member and she is really awesome. We just had our second lesson with her really recently and she said that she felt so much happier after we brought the message of the restoration into her home. She told us that someone had told her that we don’t drink coffee and she had a huge jar of it. She said that she wants to do things right and she threw it away!! She is amazing and I don’t have a doubt she will be baptized really soon. She is so prepared from the Lord. 

Being here on a mission is very interesting. You get to see things from a different perspective. Everyone is literally searching for more happiness. And as a missionary and member of the Church I get the chance to give them that happiness. I hope all members of the Church realize what they have and use it to help others. Everybody has friends or know people that need this gospel and more divine help in their lives. So give it to them! You have that answer in your hands that they are searching for. They may reject it but at least you tried to give it to them. 

This gospel is real because already I have seen people change. I only have a cambio here and I can see the blessings in their lives. 

Oh, and me and my compañero made a goal that for this second cambio together we are treating English as a bad thing. (don’t worry mom I will still write you in English…maybe...) but ya it’s going to be hard because we are really good friends and like a lot of the same stuff but we are both native now. Yes!! But I am doing good. Just working and being grateful for this time I have to serve the Lord with all I have which is not easy to do. But I am learning. 

Thanks for all the love and prayers.  You guys rock!!

-Elder Butterfield

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