Friday, February 17, 2012

January 23, 2012 Lebu

I had my first earthquake today!! It was like a seven and it lasted for a couple seconds and we were on the fifth level of a building in the church office in Concepciòn and the building swayed like crazy!! It was awesome!!   Ya it was really crazy for me. I kinda want to have it happen again… it was fun.. Man I was freaked out at the time! It was just kind of a swaying city for a little bit there. Everybody in the office was laughing at me because it was my first time. My companion thought it was pretty funny!!!Everyone else is used to it because I guess that’s normal. But it was weird!!! Way fun though. Que pacan!!

Well family it’s already been another week!! Crazy!! So funny story happened this week. My comp and I were out tracting and this guy rides up on his bike and asks where we are going. We said to share our message with people. He asked who we share it with and we said everyone and he said vamos!! And we went into his house. Well I thought that God was giving us someone to teach but actually he was just kind of drunk… so we are trying to talk to this guy well actually my comp was cause I don’t understand the people sober… so drunk – ya, not working.  Anyway he goes off on this rant about how religion is like politics… and then we finally said a prayer to leave and he demanded that we stay sitting and he asks if we want yogurt or watermelon. And before we could answer he says oh I know! You want watermelon. Me and my companion at this point are laughing super hard and then he walks in with a half of a water melon cut in half for us!! Then we were dying and I was like what do we do? And my comp says do we really have a choice and he starts eating. But we finally got out of there.  Super funny!

And then yesterday we were trying to find people. Again! And we were sick of people not answering their door when we can see them watching their tv… and it was funny because this next door had a lock on the outside. And they were being super rude cause they knew we were there and wouldn’t answer the door.. And i know this is bad but we locked the door from the outside… and then we moved to the next door and then the last people tried opening their door.. .and we felt really stupid and didn’t want to get yelled at so we hurried and turned down this street.

Well it turns out that the first house we come to the door is wide open and we contacted them. Well her name is Georgenia. She started talking to us and she started to cry! I was really confused because she spoke so fast but apparently she all of a sudden has all these crazy problems with her house and husband and didn’t know what to do. She was seeking help from God that very day and then we showed up. We assured her that God loves her and that’s why he sent us. And that she could find all the answers to her problems. She said she will prepare to be baptized on the 18 of February. So we hope she will actually decide to accept it. That’s the problem. God can send us to them but they don’t always accept. But we know that she was prepared. I really hope she will get baptized. But that story was super crazy cause she really needed help. I hope that she will progress. People have a really hard time showing up to second appointments here. It’s really annoying. But I think she will be there.

But anyway it’s still hard but I am trying my best to get adjusted and work hard. I love you all!! I hope all is well!!


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