Friday, February 17, 2012

January 16, 2012 Lebu

Hey family,

So this last week was tough but good. We worked really hard and taught a lot but nobody would show up for the second appointment. We contacted all week and not much happened.

But on Saturday around nine (and we go back home around nine thirty) it started to rain and our day had been sooo hard. Well I said I bet if we contact one more door the rain will stop. My companion started for a door and knocked on it. Well it started to rain harder and no one was answering the door. Then a man opened the door and invited us in without us saying a thing to him. He was sooo nice and his name is Francisco. He is originally from Argentina. Well basically we taught him the first lesson and he was very attentive and said he would read the pamphlet we gave him that night and pray about it. He then asked us if he could come to church that very next day! We said no. Just kidding… we were like freaking out.  And he came. We teach him again on Tuesday and we think that he has been prepared and will accept the gospel pretty quick and hopefully we can baptize him and his family. But it was nice to have that blessing at the end of a hard week.

And then after church yesterday we had to do service because this lady had builders coming over to build a new house today.  So yesterday we had to tear the rest of the old house down and clean it up. Interesting day of rest… anyway off to another long week of working hard and hopefully find the people we need to find!!

Love you all!

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