Friday, February 17, 2012

January 30, 2012 Lebu

Hello family!
So this week has been pretty cool!! So the very first lesson that I ever had was with a lady named Maria Magdalena. She is really nice and my comp tracted into her about one cambio before I came. So my very first lesson I challenged her to prepare for baptism but she was not interested in baptism at all. She has a fear of water and other members of her family think it’s weird. She loves going to church and believes everything but baptism was not something she was going to do. So last week like my fourth or fifth lesson with her. We taught her about the importance of baptism. Then she told us that she already felt the spirit and didn’t need it.. ya... anyway in our next visit we taught her again and it was a very powerful lesson. We promised her that she would feel a change and a difference in her life. We told her that her date for baptism was the 28 of January. She said she would pray about it and tell us the next visit. Well when we asked about Saturday, she asked what was Saturday?... and then she told us it was a joke... but she accepted!!!!!
She was baptized this last Saturday and yesterday was confirmed a member of the Church. She was beaming. She walked up to us and said you were right Elders. I changed. And we saw that change in her and it was amazing to see it. I am glad I got to see that because it makes all this work worth it. Because missionary work is not easy at all! But the Lord does change people and I am a witness to that! So that was pretty cool.
Other than that it was kind of a normal week. This week we should have a fair amount of new progressing investigators. We are going to work hard for that. But any way thanks for all of your support and love. Bye!
-Elder Butterfield


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