Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013 Loncoche

Well bad news. They are going to operate. I think this week. Not cool.  And they are also sending my great companion away, Elder Flitton. Sad day. He was sooo good.  But Elder Moss is staying and so he will be living with me still!!! That is a big relief.

I also already know my companion which is good. His name is Elder Tovar and he is from Mexico. I like him a lot so it will be pretty fun to be with him. This last week was just trying to get the toe uninfected so they can do the surgery. But our investigators are still doing really well. Francisco and Cathy are very excited about the gospel and I am excited for them.

This week I read a talk by Brad Wilcox about God’s grace. Many members believe that God’s grace is given to us after all we can do. But in reality Christ already paid everything. We don’t need to earn our way into heaven. Christ already did that. We need to learn heaven. If we are not changed by his grace we won’t even want to be in his presence. So we have to repent and practice to get to heaven. Not to earn it. He has a book about it called the Continuous Atonement. I suggest you buy it! I want to read it when I get back.

Well that is really about it. I am doing good and kind of feeling weird and excited that I only have two transfers left!

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