Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013 Loncoche

We have a conference on Thursday when they bring all the packages so I should be able to give the quilt to president then! So thanks for that.

This week was also really great! We worked really, really hard and found lots more people and we even had a baptism. Her name is Crista. She has been listening to the Elders for four months and she had a baptism date in a couple of weeks. But our mission this month was really close to getting a hundred baptisms which we have not done for a very long time. So president was asking for miracles – people that could be baptized this last Sunday and Crista popped into my mind. We did an interview and she was ready. Well the day before Satan started making her doubt her decision so she said she did not want to do it. So we committed her to pray and really ask God what He wanted for her: to wait or to do it now. Well, we left the house a little discouraged but still with faith. She called us in twenty minutes and said she had prayed and she wanted to do it. We met with her later and asked her what changed. Her family really did not want anything to do with us. So she told us one of the reasons she did not want to do it is because her mom was not going to attend or support her. Well after the prayer her mom said she would support her and she came to the baptism. Also her sister and her brother in law called and said to Crista that if she didn't get baptized they were not going to either. They also came and we are teaching them now so I think they will get baptized in July. So we are doing really good.

The only lame thing is that I have to stay in two days because I got my famous cough and bronchitis. So that sucks but I am going to try and get better really fast. Anyway that is about it for this week! I love you all!

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