Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 8, 2013 Loncoche

President got his quilt and we took a picture of it with his wife and he said he is going to send it to you! Hermana Martinez freaked out she was sooo excited!!! I gave it to him on the fourth of July!! woo hoo!!

So this week was great as well! I got sick but we still got lots of work done and we have some really good investigators that we are working with. My companion, Elder Flitton is an amazing missionary and I love him sooo much. We are having a great time out here.

It has been raining a ton and that just opens the doors to more miracles from hard work. It is not easy to work in the rain especially when you knock on someone’s door wanting to go in and they look at you all wet and say uhh are you crazy? We are not looking to get a swimming pool in our living room! But God always leads us to someone who needs this message. Our little branch is growing. 

We had the first baptism in seven months here and we have two more baptisms in July who have come to church twice now.  I love this little pueblo and we are really starting to build trust with the members and people there. Elder Moss says hi to everyone in the family. He says you’re the best mom and he doesn’t even know you yet! I love Elder Moss and just so you know you will be seeing lots of him after the mission. 

My testimony has finally moved into a deep love and conversion to the gospel even if it’s really hard to carry on. Many times I have wanted to give up but I have not. In life I will never fail or give up after what I have learned here. I love my Savior. I have perhaps felt a true kind of love for Him as I never have before. When we suffer we draw near to him. He tells us that he understands and he is right there walking that thorny trail with us. I love Him. I love all of you and I can’t believe how fast I will be getting home… Chau!


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