Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013 Loncoche

So this week was not so great cause I had to stay inside almost the entire week. My toe does not look infected now but the inflammation will not go down. So we will see what they decide to do to me. Today I am going to the doctor again. They might have to operate on me again but this time cut a lot more skin on my toes and take off the entire nail… gross.

It gets very cold at night here. I have five blankets and three sweaters and two things full of hot water you can sleep with and a beanie and thermals and those sock slippers from Dad. Hahaha! I look soooo funny at night! (I told him that his companion should take a picture of him. He said ok.)

The good thing is that our investigators, Francisco and Cathy are really excited to be baptized. I think their baptism will be this weekend so pray for them so they can do it! 

Sorry the email is lame but I do not have much to report… I love you all and I am still really happy. I’m studying a lot and learning while I wait this stupid toe business out. I hope you are all well and we will see you all three months from today.

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