Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 3, 2012 Talcahuano

Well this week was hard but good. Satan is trying to kill off our investigators with sickness but pills and blessings are stronger than him!!! So we might have to change our baptisms to the next week but we will find out.

We have transfers this week and I hope Elder Castro does not leave but he might cause he has a lot of time here. Also the national holiday in Chile is coming up on the 18th of September and they have a huge week long party in all of Chile!! There will be activities in the church and it sounds pretty cool!! I don’t know how much the people are going to want to listen to us on that day but it will be cool to see all the families together having fun!

So this week we were contacting and we started to talk to a lady and she was like well my brother is really sick. Could you guys come in and pray for him. Her name is Isabel and her brother is named Marcos. He is like thirty years old and an infection attacked his brain and he now has no strength in his body and he isn’t normal and his parents are very, very old and can’t help him so his sister moved in with him because none of her other sisters or brothers wanted to help her. So she, by herself, has given her life to help her brother. It was a very touching story. We gave him a blessing and offered to come by every day to do little exercises with him to get him moving his body to try and help him get his strength back. It is very hard but it’s fun to see him smile when we encourage him to move his arms and legs and see him happy. He likes us cause its someone else that he has to be with. And since you’re not here to play catch with me, Mom, me and Marcos play ball!!! I throw him the ball and then he has to use is hands and arms to throw it back! It’s pretty fun!! He is a really nice man and Isabel is such a huge example of patience and sacrifice. The mission does not seem hard when we think in the sacrifice that some people give and the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ. She helps me realize how blessed I am and that I never have a reason to complain. I am a representative of Christ and I have his gospel in my life. What else do ya need? Well that’s about all this week and we are going to work hard to find more people to teach. Bye!!

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