Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chile National Holiday! September 18, 2012

Well I gave birth to an elder from Utah!! from Milfred Utah! His name is Elder Durrant! He is a very cool kid and we had a good first week together. We were supposed to have two baptisms this week but they couldn’t make it to church so now we are waiting for the 29th. But it is interesting being a trainer! I didn’t even notice but I speak fluent Spanish!! It is interesting to see my comp cause he is just starting to learn. It is a pretty hard experience but it is worth it. They also put another sector in my district so I am really busy and I got a little overwhelmed and scared but I realized once again that I just need to trust in the Lord and do the very best that I can to help him my district and my sector. 

We are looking for people to teach. It’s pretty hard because the people are really hard these days but we have found a lot of people to teach before. We just have to find them again. Sometimes I feel like I am not good enough or something because I don’t have a ton of success but then I remember what our beloved prophet said, "Do your duty that is best leave unto the Lord the rest." I am constantly trying to do better for him and teach him all that I know and leave the rest unto the Lord. In the end even if I only baptize the six that I have and nobody else, as long as I worked my best with what I have I am ok. Because the Lord will never take away the agency of someone to give me and my comp a baptism. So we are doing really well, working hard, and loving it. 

So something really funny about Elder Durrant is that his first and middle names are Nathan Allen.... and at home everyone calls him Nate. So I am pretty sure President  just looked at our names and said "well that was the easiest revelation I have ever received!" and put us together, haha. So we are doing good, working hard, and trying and trying to find those that need this gospel in their lives. That is our goal and my goal for the mission is to find at least one family that will make it to the temple one day.

I have grown to love the scriptures even more ( if you can believe that...) and I have a goal to memorize about four hundred and thirty scriptures by the time I get home. That will help me a lot with my teaching for seminary later on if I get to do that. I have about thirty five so far so that’s pretty fun!

And today is the national holiday here in Chile so for that reason I am writing today and we have a big activity with the whole stake today so that will be fun!!! We are going to eat a lot... I love you family and I hope all is well!!!

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