Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August 27, 2012 Talcahuano

Dad! Hey I got your first package last week and thank you!! I gave some rings out already to a family we are teaching. (Paul sent him some Spanish CTR rings.) It is interesting because they all want to get baptized but the mom and dad are not married yet so we are working to do that. Also the mom, Julia, is exactly like Nana!!! No really, Nana it’s you but speaking Spanish. Also she has a smoking problem and I shared about you, Nana and how you overcame it because you knew it was soo important. Well, now I am in Chile thanks to that sacrifice so thanks!!! Her personality is just like yours!!! So we have to wait and work all the things out with the parents but we decided together that the kids are ready! So we are baptizing Josepha and Diego on the 8th of September! 

Also we are baptizing another little girl named Belen and her dad is going to do it. He just got baptized like five months ago so he is really excited. It’s really fun to teach her. Little children really do know the gospel better than we do. It is incredible!! So two girls that are nine and Diego who is 17 and we should be baptizing another guy named Eduardo. He is an amazing person but Satan is trying really hard to fight him making the decision so pray for him and a miracle!! 

I cannot believe that I almost am half over with the mission. It is no longer two years but one.... weird I have a lot of growing to do in this next year. But that is all the news for this week. Today also we went bowling as a district! It was cool! Elder Moss looked at me and said.. who would have ever thought that we would be bowling together.... IN CHILE!!!!! haha so it was fun!!!  Thanks for all the updates I love you all and Jess don’t get hitched - go on a mission!!!!! haha I love you all!

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