Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 10, 2012 Talcahuano

Hey fam holy cow crazy week! 

Today I went to see one of my best buddies go home.  He finished his mission. His name is Elder Clark! Really great guy and the comp of my trainer went home too so I got to see Elder Corliss too!!!! Actually he is right by me writing his family. This is his last transfer so Mom and Dad he will be in Utah on the 20th  of October and Dad he is a crazy BYU fan so if you took him to a game I am sure he would love it!! He is so awesome.  We want to room at BYU when I go so it’s cool. 

And other news... I will be a trainer this cambio!!! Ah!!! I am very scared and it is mostly white kids that are coming in too so most likely I will have a comp that does not know any Spanish.  Elder Corliss was freaking out.  He kept yelling “I am a grandpa!!!”  haha So in the mission we say that when we train we have a kid so right now I am pregnant!! I really hope that it goes well tomorrow I am going to be placed with a new Elder so it will be interesting! Elder Castro is going down south so I won’t see him for a while but it’s all good. He is an amazing Elder. I learned a lot from him. 

I also got my package with my glasses and tie! Thank you!! I love the tie Dad and I can finally see good!! yay!! I won’t lose these ones.... But that’s the big news for this week and we are still trying to finalize 3 baptisms that we should have this month. 

I love you all and go BYU!!! ya!!

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