Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012 Lebu

This last week has been better. We worked hard and the baptism of Gloria is Saturday and then she will be getting married the next week and then sealed in the temple after the year is up and I will still be in the mission. It is cool how the Lord guides us to the people that are actually ready to receive us. We are really excited about that baptism and she is as well.

Other news is well lets see.. I got attacked by three dogs. That was fun. I kind of kicked them. Actually there is a power here in Chile. A rock. A rock here in Chile has all power over dogs. When a dog sees a human with a rock it just runs like heck out of there haha its actually kind of amusing.. 

What else, uh, we watched Tangled and Pirates today cause it’s rainy outside. That was fun! And also it’s my sixth month mark on Wednesday and this transfer ends after this week and it is very likely that I leave Lebu and go to another part of Chile. Nobody knows yet but that is what could happen so I will let you know.  But there is not much other news just working and trying to be better. I love you all!!

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