Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012 Lebu

Hey mamma!!!

So this last week not to much happened. But a couple of funny things happened. First off you should know that my ears got clogged and I hate going to the doctor for it but know that I went today... and I can hear!! Yay! 

Oh and the funniest thing happened today. So we are in Concepciòn - me and Elder Clark another Elder that lives in my house and is like one of my best friends. We are here because I had my appointment today and he has one tomorrow in the morning so we came up together. We were talking to president and he saw that my buttons on my sleeves were not done. He, being president, came and started buttoning them up haha and he told us the name of the button hole in Spanish and asked what it was in English. So we told him button hole of course but when he tried to say it back to us he said butt hole instead!!! We were laughing so hard! Oh man, one of the best memories of my mission. 

But to answer your question yes it is getting colder. It is fall right now and we are getting closer to the rainy season. And we live next to the ocean but its most likely that I leave Lebu next cambio. Weird!! leaving Lebu.. crazy. I am excited to get to know more parts of Chile though!! 

I am really starting to love the mission but it was really hard and I am going to work way harder and be way more obedient to become the person and missionary that God wants. Satan is trying to destroy this work and it’s only harder as a missionary. And for that reason we learn faith and trust in God. When we do all we can he will protect us. I am so grateful for that. That he would protect me even though I am a sinner.  

Our investigators are doing really well. We have two baptisms this week. One’s name is Jaime and the other Alejandro. They are both young men who go to seminary now and love church. It is really great and I hope to see them go on missions someday. And then in the beginning of May we have the baptism of Gloria.  

And then El dia de madres!!!!! Mothers day and I get to call home on skype and talk to you guys!!! wooo!! But this last week was another week of work trying to find the people that are ready! Oh and mom tell Alex I already sent her a letter she should be getting it soon. If she doesn’t get it I’ll write another one. But I am really excited to work hard these last weeks in Lebu. It was my first sector to get out all the bugs and now no one will stand in my way to become an instrument in God’s hands!! Thanks for all the prayers and emails they help me keep going strong. I love you all!!

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