Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 9, 2012 Lebu

 Dad!! Dude that play house is legit! Knowing your wonderful granddaughter, she will want to furnish it right? ;) Thanks for writing even though you’re so busy and thanks for working so hard for our family!
That’s good you had someone over for conference. We got to watch all the sessions in the chapel in English so we could get everything out of them. We have three gringos in Lebu and one Elder from Peru. He watched it with the ward. 

I am doing really well here. My new companion is pretty cool. We are seeing some miracles and working hard to become better and it’s pretty fun.  We are trying to establish this plan we set up in Lebu and it is going really good. We are getting more baptisms and more investigators. On Sunday there was an activity that we did as a branch where we gave out papers to write down names that they felt were ready to receive the gospel. We got thirty four references which is really good considering that’s more than we have received my whole mission. We shared the story in the Book of Mormon about Alma and Amulek when Alma tried to preach to the city but they didn’t receive his message even when he was a prophet. But Amulek, a simple member, made the people astonished after he preached. That just goes to show you the power of the members. It was really cool. 

Also we had kind of a miracle. We went to conference and at first none of our investigators showed up but then one did. After conference I went to go say hi to him and noticed a couple that I had not seen before. They looked like normal members from the district but I felt to go talk to them anyway. I talked to them and one was a member that was living in Santiago and his girlfriend who is not a member and a reference. So I told her what we did as missionaries and she said quite frankly and straight up that she wanted to be baptized. Wow! I was kind of shocked but we set an appointment and we taught her the restoration and we challenged her to read and pray to know if it is true or not and she told us she already had prayed and she knows it is true. So we set a date and she will be baptized this month. What a blessing. She told us that she had been searching for years in different religions and we told her that she found it. We recently had a lesson with her and her boyfriend and they were beaming talking about her baptism and their goal to go to the temple. I love them a lot and I will be here in the mission when they are sealed. Sometimes as missionaries we work and work for something and then we are blessed out of the blue by a blessing like Gloria. You work blind not knowing who is ready to be baptized and then the Lord shows you who is. 

I love this work for the chance I get to see people change in every way to become closer to Christ. Anyway we are now working again waiting for the next person that God shows us. I love you and all the family!! ¡Gracias por todo que estas haciendo para nuestro familía! Hasta ver en dos años.Bueno un poco menos pero no mucho:)  (Thank you for everything you're doing for our family! See in two years. Well a little less, but not much.)

Hey mom, I sent my big email to dad this week. But I am doing really cool and I have heard a lot about that show (the one about the two brothers) but never have seen it. I am so happy Jess is seeing success after working so hard in school to be good. She deserves it. 

I got the pictures and I have used some. The Chileans think it’s funny to see gringos so they enjoy it a lot haha. It’s funny to get stared at all day and lots of the people like to say hello in really horrible accents and it’s so funny cause I like to speak in Spanish and pretend I have no idea what they are saying. It’s really funny. 

My new companion is really awesome. He is from Colorado and works hard. He is a really funny guy I think Jessie would like him. We are getting along and working hard. I am glad to hear all the good things happening at home. It’s crazy I will be completing five months soon.. Almost six months out of my whole mission. It has been pretty fast but I hear it gets faster.. lame.. oh well I have a great life ahead!!
Love ya Mom. Thanks for all your support!

This is a movie about two brothers growing up.  They follow the brothers for 10 years.  The oldest brother goes on his mission to Concepcion, Chile and is there during the earthquake.  There are lots of interesting clips of the missionaries tracting, teaching, and talking about his feelings being a missionary. It's cool to see it and think that Nate is there now.


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