Monday, November 19, 2012

October 22, 2012 Talcahuano

(To Dad)
Yay Gators!!!!! There is an Elder from Gainesville in my zone and we were talking about our trips there!! HAHA bye bye to the Game cocks!!! That’s cool. I love the Cheezit picture you just made me trunky for Cornbelly’s and cheezits!!! We are doing great here.

Lupe is incredible. She really didn’t want to give up coffee but she just did it and now she is used to it. She and her daughter will be baptized for sure in November and her sister is really interested too so hopefully we can help her get baptized too. We have some other investigators too that should be baptized in November so we should have five!!! We are praying for that.

The mission is putting a lot of pressure on us to just baptize and that’s getting hard. Sometimes I feel like we pray and maybe there just aren’t people or I am not doing or working hard enough so I am trying to be better but it gets hard when our leaders are just telling us to baptize and do it now. But we are being really patient with our investigators so they are converted not just baptized. So we are really doing good.

I am trying to gain more faith and be more humble and it is really hard. I have a lot to get rid of still from my past but I am a lot different than a year ago for sure. I hope I can learn to be more humble and faithful this next year. My comp is great we have a lot of fun teaching and just working. I love him. I have been lucky with my companions. We are good.  Just working and trying to baptize five this next month. Love ya all. Have a fun Halloween!!!

(To Mom)
Ya, I love that idea. That would be soo fun and cool!!! Mom I can’t believe it. Elder Corliss is home... He wrote me and said he is finding time to come see you guys.. That is soo weird. I am so close to a year.. And the other day President walked up to me and said almost done with the first and you won’t even see the second.... Jerk haha. But we are good keep praying for our investigators this next month to be baptized!!

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