Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 16, 2012 Talcahuano

Hey family!!!! 

So this last week Satan was like trying to kill us and I know why. Lupe is a miracle for us. The impression that we got when we first saw and taught them has proven to be true. She is one who God has been preparing for us. We have taught her and her sister and her daughter, of course, almost every day. They came to church and loved it and are very excited. We have their baptism dates for the tenth of November. I can’t believe her faith. She is so humble and full of the light of Christ that she just knows what we say is true. The spirit just testifies to her and she accepts. Yesterday we taught her the word of wisdom and she accepted it and the law of tithing and even though it will be hard for her to give up coffee she is just willing to do it. 

Also, Miguel, the husband of a member accepted baptism and is preparing. Hopefully he can get baptized here soon too. We have another lady we found who loves the Book of Mormon and wants to go to church and is very interested. And another family of three that we found that we are going to teach again tonight. They all have quite a bit of interest in the gospel. We are going to go for 8 baptisms in November. 

Mom thanks for all that service you are doing and I hope this news helps. We could baptize 8 people so please everybody pray for these people especially Lupe and Rayen and Elda. I don’t know if I have ever felt the love of God so strong for anybody besides my family. Marcos is having a little bit of a hard time but we are trying to keep helping him. He will walk with faith. He is cool. 

Today will be interesting I am going to work with president… He wants to work with me to visit a less active member and then I think we are going to take him to meet Lupe. I love our president. He is soo loving and so powerful and I love him a lot. So the adversary is trying to kill us right now cause we are going to at least bring 8 of God’s children back to him. I am so grateful for this gospel and I am glad everything is good back home!! I love you all!

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