Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 1, 2012 Talcahuano

Sorry we had a conference for the leaders today so I didn’t have p-day and no time to write. But two things that happened; One we baptized a girl with nine years. Her dad got baptized like four months ago and so he got to do the baptism. It was great!

The other is that we are teaching more and well that feeling that God gave me and my comp in the house of Marcos was a message to perform a miracle in his life. We went to his house and just about three weeks ago I gave him a blessing that his brain would be able to work so that he could learn to walk again. Well we got to his house and the first time we lifted him up and he walked good. But we had to basically carry him still. The second time he walked with us hardly holding him up. The third time he stood up by himself grabbed the hand of his sister and walked without my help or hers. Just his hand clasped tight for comfort. He looked up with a smile and we all clapped for him. And then he said. OK! Now when are we going to the states?!!! haha I hope somehow we can get him a ticket to the states one day. So, just as God has said, miracles have not ceased among the children of men.

I have to go run to work now but I testify that when I first met Marcos he could barely take two steps with us using all our force but after the blessing he is walking. God lives and he loves all of us. I love you all and have a good week!

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