Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 8, 2016 Talcahuano

Well family this last week has been a great week. We had conference which was so incredible. I am so excited that Jess can leave on a mission soon. She will be such a light to the world!! She is right now but as a missionary? Cool beans!! There is no other word for it. 

This week we had some miracles happen. We have been struggling with helping investigators progress but this week we contacted a family. It was a mom with two daughters. When I saw her something was trying to tell me not to talk to her. So I did. And she and her family just glowed with the light of Christ. And when we asked if we could pass by and share a message with her she accepted right away. I assumed she was a member or something. But no. We got to the first lesson and she has never shared with missionaries. She said she had been to some other churches but she did not like it. Well, we taught her about prophets and apostasy. She understood and knew what we said was true because the spirit touched the Light of Christ that she has. Then she told us a story that shocked me. When she was just a little girl both of her parents died at the same time from cancer. She said that she would like to know why and where they are. Well that put tears into my eyes knowing that we have the answer that she has been searching for her whole life. We testified that God does have a plan. We have another lesson with her today. Her name is Lupe and she has two daughters - one who is ten, Rayen, and one who is like three or four. Her husband left her and she just lives with her sisters and some of them also are interested. I have never seen someone so humble and loving. She just beams with light and I know she will be able to recognize the truthfulness of this message. I love them so much and all the hard times and failure in the work and in my own life have paid off to be able to finally be guided to people who really need the gospel in their lives. 

Also, the husband of a member finally let us teach him and he is progressing very well. We are happy and I hope sooo much that Lupe and her daughter get baptized. Please pray for them!! Thanks for your prayers. I am so grateful for the atonement, that even me, one of the most imperfect things on this planet can receive forgiveness to be able to help others with the gospel. 

I love you all and Jess turn in your papers and come on down to Chile to the mission celestial!!! Tee hee!!

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