Monday, November 19, 2012

October 29, 2012 Talcahuano

Hey family!! I am almost a year old in the mission and I have been thinking a lot about the changes in me… wow… sorry for the kid you had to deal with before... But this next year will be a lot better with the knowledge that I have. I really hope to just work hard and let the Lord work through me.

Lupe is just incredible. She wants us to be teaching her every day. We are reading the Book of Mormon with her and her family right now and we are teaching her sister Elda who is twenty and has been going to church with her and we are hoping to put a baptismal date with her tonight. If you guys come out here you have to meet this family!!

Today we are going to a zoo that is close to our sector so we will take lots of pictures.

We also still are teaching two other people that are coming to church and are progressing very well and me and my companion last week worked our tails off and we are sooo tired today haha. I felt like a zombie this morning from all the walking.

So we are doing good. It’s sad that I probably won’t be here for Christmas with Lupe and this ward. We have transfers on the 4th of December and I will almost have 6 months here by then so I will go I think. I want to get a really nice gift for Lupe and her family. They get baptized on the 9 of December just so you know!! Keep praying that all goes well!! They are excited but nervous for their baptism.

I am well but there is not much else to say! We are good. Oh and this Christmas will be my last one and then I’ll be home for Christmas!!! Bye!

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