Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012 Talcahuano

Hey fam!

This week was pretty good, kind of slow in some parts, but the good thing is we have a baptism on Sunday and it’s the first man that I will be baptizing in my mission!! His name is Miguel and he has changed a lot to be baptized.  He feels a positive difference in himself so it’s really cool. His wife is a member who has a problem with smoking so this should help her be more motivated to quit so they can reach all their goals together.
My comp is doing good. I am kind of scared they might change me since I almost have five and a half months here... And that would be lame cause I wouldn’t get to be here during Christmas with all the people that I have gotten to know and love... Lame!!! But there is always a crazy chance that I might stay.... who knows. But other than that we are doing really good. Teaching some families and just working like always. We are getting more lessons with the members which is a really big goal for us cause they don’t have a habit of working with the missionaries very often... so we are trying to change that state of mind. It has not been easy cause this whole month our mission has not been knocking doors so we have to only work with references from members! It’s been tough but I think once it starts working it will work really well!!

Anyway I am excited for Sunday and Christmas to talk to uh... what was it called... oh yea! family!!!! wooo! Love ya all bye!

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