Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012 Leaving Talcahuano

Hey family!!!

I am doing really well. The baptism of Miguel went really well. I just felt a little silly cause I forgot one word in the baptism prayer and I had to re baptize him.. But he was really happy and we went to his house after.
I am kind of sad too cause I am leaving this ward. I have had more time here than any other area and right before Christmas I have to leave... Lame.. But I am going to a cool place called San Pedro. It is a really rich sector. I mean like mansions everywhere. So I am excited and my companion is a Mexican named Elder Arraya. Or something like that... But I am really excited and sad at the same time. Today I have to say goodbye to Lupe... Sad day but it’s all good. There is not much other news.

And hopefully I will meet some cool people and have a good Christmas in San Pedro even though I would rather be here. And dad that is so funny about the camels. I see dogs people everything doing that here... Its kinda bad... hahahaha I love ya man take cool pictures at the football game!!!!

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