Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve Skype with Elder Butterfield! 12-24-12

We got to skype with Elder Butterfield for about two hours.  It was so fun to talk to him.  These are the people that were there: Mom, Dad, Jessie, Rachael, Allie, Corey, Savannah, Lily, Grandma Beverly.  These are some of the things that he told us:

More details about the knife attack in Los Angeles.  After they told the guys to leave the girl alone, the girl ran away and a couple of the guys started chasing his companion one direction. Another guy tried to cut Nate's face but he got away and a couple of guys chased him.  He got back to their house and his companion wasn't there yet.  Soon his companion made it back and then all the missionaries prayed (there were four that lived there). The guys left and the missionaries didn't see them again.  One of the neighbors said that one of them had a gun.

Lupe's sisters are getting baptized.

More details about the man that was healed in the hospital.  After he left the hospital he told his sister that the man that healed him was in white and was shining.

He asked about Elder Corliss. We told him we talked to him and we are going to take him to lunch in a couple of weeks.

He was really happy about Miguel because he had to change the most and he is happy.
They got a cat for a day.  Someone asked them if they wanted a cat and they said yes and then they got home and said, "What are we doing?  We can't have a cat..." So, they went back out to find someone else who wanted it.  They found a home for the cat. He told us that was a p day.

They live in a little house behind a member family's house. They were calling from this family's house. They were going to have dinner with another family at 9 pm and then were coming back at 11 pm to open presents with the family. They have a little boy who is about 5 years old. They will work on Christmas day. Christmas eve is really the holiday there.

He got a letter from president Uchtdorf.

He will come home either mid October or the second or third week of November.

He's been bitten by dogs a lot.
Tell Kayla that a dog ate her letter. He is writing her another one. In Chile "the dog ate my homework is a legitimate excuse..."
The bishop of their ward told them that soon President Monson is coming there to talk to the members about the temple because they have been waiting so long for the construction to begin.  He is excited about that.

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