Sunday, December 30, 2012

December 10th - 17th San Pedro

From 12/10/12

I lied my comp is from Chile!!! from Viña del Mar. He is a convert of a year and he is really cool. This area is like the richest in our whole mission and it is really hard to work there. But we are trying to help the members get helping us and find somebody to teach. I am kinda scared for this area but we will make it work. I don’t have much time today to write but pray that we can find more people to teach!

From 12/17/12
Well let me tell you about our week. It was pretty good. We have been trying to find people to teach and we have found a couple. It’s really hard cause everyone is leaving town and they are rich and too cool for missionaries. We have been working with the ward more often too and starting to get them more excited. My companion is an English professor so we are going to start up summer English classes to help kids that struggle and help families that way. We are really excited for that!!
Like every day here it rains and then the sun comes out really strong and I am like dying from all the changing of weather!! I sound like a dying toad when I talk!
And everyone here is freaking out about the end of the world.. Its kind of funny sometimes what the people say to us. I get along really well with my companion! He is really nice and loves everyone so we have been really good together.
Lupe is going crazy cause I cannot be with her for Christmas.. sad day but it will be good here too. Miguel is doing really good. I will let you know when he gets the priesthood. It is really tough here but we are getting better. We made really good friends with the bishop and this Sunday we are making a mission plan for the ward so that the work is more organized and the ward is actually involved. Our goal is to serve a lot and teach the members. So the work might be a little slow but in the end it will be permanent. So that’s about it!! And I will be talking to you in a week!!! yay!!!!! I love you all!!


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