Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year's Eve in Chile

So I am going to another sector with an Elder from California. I am glad cause it just gives me a chance to go and work like crazy. I hope someday I will be a seminary teacher helping others gain real testimonies. I am about to go to my new sector.  They say it’s hard but I am going to share the gospel with everyone!!

I KNOW there is a God and that this is his Son’s church. I can’t deny what I have felt or the power that went shooting through my body when I blessed that man. And my biggest desire in life is to help people and have a happy family.
So for new year’s we can’t work for two days. Tomorrow we are just going to be with the zone planning for the new year and studying and stuff cause they get crazy here on new year’s. So I will not get to teach anyone in my new sector for a while but that’s ok Ï will get over it. I love the gospel and honestly I have been more happy than any other time in my life with the gospel.

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