Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013 Lomas Coloradas

Well I am with an Elder Hess from Utah. He is a farm boy!! really nice and we are in Lomas Coloradas. It’s a really big sector with lots of work to do!

We have a couple of families we are working with. One - her name is Carola and she has three kids and they all want to be baptized but her husband read stupid stuff on the internet about the church and is very angry. But something happened yesterday when she left for church. She used to fight with her husband a lot in the morning when she tried to go. But this week she got up and he asked her are you going to the Mormons? She said yes and he said well have a good time then. So there is progress!! We are hoping to baptize her soon.
I really like the ward. We have a big ward. So we are getting to know the ward and trying to find more people to teach. Me and my companion are both new to the ward so we don’t know where anything is.. but it’s all good.

Sorry it was short but there is not a lot that has happened yet. I love you all and hope you don’t freeze to death cause here I am sweating haha!!

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