Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January 28, 2013 Lomas Coloradas

Well, we had a good week and a bad one. Good news - we found a family to baptize!! a family of three and they have a date for the twenty third of February. Anyway, this family was a reference from member and we got there and she said she was looking for something from God for her family. So, it wasn’t to hard for her to accept the gospel. She is really nice and came to church yesterday and loved it. Her kid Franco is ten and he liked it, too. And tomorrow we are going to get to know the husband so we are excited for them.

Bad news.. it looks like they are going to operate on my foot.. like cut the nail off.. lame and that sounds painful.. so today I have a doctor’s appointment to see what they are going to do.
But in our sector we have like four families to teach and we are really excited so that’s good.

And today I had quite a surprise. I got a letter from Korryn Rasmussen. She wrote me to thank me for my challenge to read the Book of Mormon a little each day and now she will be entering the mtc to go serve as a missionary in South Korea.. I was pretty shocked!! It was a very good surprise to know that. And her little
sister Anna, another good friend will be serving as well. Very cool surprise.

I am way excited for her!! But other than that I am pretty good! just waiting to find out what happens with this toe deal.. Pray for the little toe.. Anyway that’s about all the news. Love ya!

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