Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 4, 2013 Lomas Coloradas

Well this week was uh interesting... I went to the doctor and she said that I had to rest for ten days without walking... uh kinda hard as a missionary.. but if it doesn't get better they are going to have to do a painful surgery.. So I am really praying it gets better.

But we have been blessed at the same time! Carol stood up to her husband and said she is getting baptized because it is her decision. So she will be getting baptized with her little daughter this weekend.

And the little time that we have left to work we have found people. We found a family of 6! three sisters and a boy!!! Just like our family! They are really, really nice. They are Catholic but willing to be baptized if they come to know that it is true. The boy is named Sebastian and loves mountainbiking! So we started talking and I told him all about Utah and the great places to go there! He was so excited to meet someone from the states who likes biking like him. Anyway a great family who have been passing for some difficult times lately. But I have a good feeling that they will be baptized! I really hope so.  They are such a great family. I have never taught such a big family all there sitting in
front of us. It was cool. We are going back on Wednesday so pray for them. Sebastian even asked us at what age he could go on a mission. (He is fifteen now.) I told him and he loved the idea to serve! He is the most receptive as of now. I really love him. He says he is coming to Utah one day to ride bikes with me. I told him he could stay at our house if he ever does go...

And remember Angelica? well her husband accepted baptism as well and will be getting baptized with his whole family the first week of march! Cool beans!

So there is lots of work. It’s hard to have to stay inside and not work much.. like I want to die! But my toe is really big and red looking... it’s not normal so I guess it’s worth
waiting cause I do not want surgery! So that was my week and next week I find out what happens with my toe! Love you all bye!

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