Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013 Loncoche

Holy cow! That’s sooo cool for Jess! I wrote her and I am very excited!!! I am glad I will be able to be with her before she goes!!! Wow! (Nate's sister, Jessie, just got her mission call to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and leaves on January 8th!)

Well this week was really hard but fun! During their holidays here they party all week long. So our work gets difficult. We did find a new family to teach but apart from that we got rejected. But we had a lot of fun. My companion is really cool and I am glad to be with him for my last cambio. We are just working like normal trying to help our people get to church which is still the biggest challenge that we face. I am getting really, really nervous. You try not to focus on how close it is to going home but everyone that knows you, knows you only have a month left so every day I get a reminder of that. I am very excited but very scared at the same time.  

We are looking to baptize one more family before I leave so we are working hard with that. I love you all and I have the coolest little sister in the whole world!

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