Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 23, 2012 Los Angeles

This last week has been great as well. When I got to this sector there was not anybody to teach but we have found some families and are teaching them. One man named Richard lives with his two daughters Gabriella and Carla. His wife and child died in a car accident five years ago and so he is a little mad with God. We taught a powerful lesson and at the end we all kneeled down and prayed and he offered the prayer. He asked that he could have a relationship with God again and we are going to teach them tomorrow. His daughter is interested also. We are really feeling that they will be baptized. Richard could be a very strong leader in the church.

My comp is great.  We work well together and he has one transfer more than me so we work well together and he is a really great guy. That is about all for this week. The members here are really amazing. 

I have made some very close friends already so I am loving life here in Los Angeles. I hope all is well and I love you all!!!!

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